Cooperation with foundations

CABINETS OF WONDER is an transmedia project consisting of a documentary film, a VR experience and an educational concept – developed with, by and for children. The project accompanies four children who are all unique in their own way and deals with topics such as growing up, loneliness and equal opportunities in a sensitive, child-friendly way.

Our vision is to offer all students the chance to learn about the promising technology of virtual reality (VR) in a safe environment. Therefore, we want to build an infrastructure that enables all schools equally to use VR headsets in a meaningful way and thus promote media literacy from the very beginning.

With a sponsorship, you can help to ensure that schools/clubs/youth clubs in structurally weak areas can also use the CABINETS OF WONDER case. The case contains the CABINETS OF WONDER VR, the required VR headsets and pedagogical accompanying material – the children and young people thus get a good start in the competent use of new media.

In this way, you promote digital education and the meaningful use of innovative media in the educational field. Numerous studies show that by appealing to many of the senses – which is what the immersive experience in VR offers – learning can be much more effective. Other worlds can be experienced directly, which enables a whole new dimension of educational experiences.

Let’s hop on the road to the school of the future together.

You too can become an enabler!


Try it out for yourself: with the CABINETS OF WONDER case, you (and your team) can immerse yourself in the fantastic worlds of childhood. The CABINETS OF WONDER VR experience is also a wonderful introduction to VR technology for adults.

Enter into a sponsorship

Make it possible for a school to use the VR Experience CABINETS OF WONDER: You take over the sponsorship for the CABINETS OF WONDER case and give students the chance to learn how to use VR technology competently – in the context of a fantastic experience.