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While the film captivates children with its dramaturgical sequences, in the virtual world it is possible to “break” reality and bring together spaces that do not actually exist in this way. And even enter them: Each user acts self-determined within the VR-Experience and follows the dramaturgy of a story, for which he/she decides playfully.

Together with our children, we developed for each protagonist their own world – an audiovisual mix consisting of 360 stereoscopic photos, documentary material, drawings and 3D models.

Our main platforms are the VR goggles PicoVR G2 4K and the Oculus Quest, which allow small interactions triggered by the user’s gaze or by pressing the controller, animations and mini-games that lead to another level of experience – to a new “cabinet” – as well as activate sounds or music.

Our VR experience makes it possible to enter the inner worlds of our young protagonists and look around curiously, exploring new stories and spaces with each subsequent visit.

The Main Cabinet of Wonders

There is a „Main Cabinet of Wonders“ as the starting room for the VR experience. It houses a colorful collection of curious or simply beautiful objects, such as sparkling stones, a talking fish, a lion, a bust smashing on the ground, guinea pigs dancing in drawers, a lamp playing water music, real jungle, and much more – all imagined by our children to create their “perfect” Wunderkammer.

Doro, who is looking for the children in the film, welcomes the visitors and gives a short introduction. Hidden in the main Cabinet of Wonder are the “tickets” to each child’s personal inner worlds, each of which can be experienced in settings of about 3 to 5 minutes.

The children’s worlds: mini-games & stories

One mini-game at a time leads into the world of a child. For example, there is a chameleon with the blue eyes of Elias. It is possible to paint the animal with the help of the controller, because next to it there are color pots that glow welcomingly in turns. Selecting the blue color unlocks the transition to Elias` planet and takes you to his world: a planet where he lives with his somewhat quirky friend, the voice box ROSE, flying fans, monster plants and cat people. Or is he even a cat person himself?

The visitor is welcomed by ROSE and while blow-drying or watering plants, sea pigs and ufos, ROSE tells a little more about Elijah’s world.

We reach Royas room where we bring back her lost fish to the mermaid princess, who is in the main cabinet of wonders. Together, they both jump into a whirlpool that leads them straight to the courtyard of Roya’s new home in Jena-Lobeda. While Roya talks about her memories of her old home in Tehran, her castle and her chickens “appear”. Her memories of escape are also depicted with animated drawings.

Each of the four children’s worlds is characterized by a different narrative style, offering each child his or her own individual form of expression.

With Wisdom , we go on a raft trip while listening to his family legend in which his great-grandfather fights and defeats a lion. In Joline’s world, visitors can transform letters and numbers into shiny blue bugs, creating a sound.

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