Our project is as diverse as our children and we want to make it easily available on a large scale. That is why we are developing a “travelling Cabinets of Wonder” that can simply be sent anywhere in the post. This consists of a stand, a VR headset and of course the movie. This is also where our overarching idea for an educational program comes in: We want to give children the chance to get to know documentary movies as a format and to get to know the virtual world in a stimulating and self-determined way. For this we have designed a workshop concept, which is supplied with the “travelling Cabinets of Wonder”. It also offers the opportunity to learn exciting things about documentary storytelling and how we created the “cabinets of wonder” together with our protagonists. The stories, thoughts and feelings of Roya, Elias, Joline and Wisdom are intended to touch children and inspire them to also perceive and visualize their own cabinets of wonder.


... for schools

Virtual Reality (VR) ist eine spannende Möglichkeit, um Lehrinhalte noch packender zu gestalten.

Generieren Sie jetzt den passenden „Wunderkammern“-Koffer für Ihre Schule!

... for festivals

Die „Meine Wunderkammern VR“ ist eine besondere Experience im Kids&Teens-Bereich. 

Buchen Sie jetzt die „Wunderkammer auf Reisen“ für Ihr Festival!

... for foundations & partners

Unsere Vision ist es, allen Schüler:innen die Chance zu bieten, die zukunftsträchtige Technologie der Virtual Reality (VR) in einem sicheren Umfeld kennen zu lernen. 

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