Our partner:

We strive for cooperations with festivals and also want to find cooperation partners in the context of educational work, e.g. at schools. For this purpose, we have developed an easy-to-ship “Wunderkammer on the road” and a MEINE WUNDERKAMMERN suitcase.

The “Wunderkammer auf Reisen” consists of a set that can be easily set up at the respective location, which already prepares the visitors for the VR experience and invites them to experience the stories of our children.

This is also where our overarching idea for an educational program comes in: We want to give children the chance to get to know documentary film as a format and the virtual world in a stimulating and self-determined way. To this end, we have designed an educational concept that comes with the CABINETS OF WONDER suitcase. It also offers the opportunity to learn exciting things about the variety of documentary formats that we have created in our case together with our protagonists.

The stories, thoughts and feelings of Roya, Elias, Joline and Wisdom are meant to touch children and inspire them to also perceive and make visible their own chambers of wonder.


... for schools

Virtual reality (VR) is an exciting way to make educational content more engaging.

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... for festival operators

CABINETS OF WONDER VR is a special experience in the Kids&Teens area.

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... for foundations & partners

Our vision is to offer all students the opportunity to learn about the promising technology of Virtual Reality (VR) in a safe environment.

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