Workshop concept for schools

CABINETS OF WONDER ​​is a transmedia project consisting of a documentary film, a VR experience and an educational concept – developed with, by and for children. The project accompanies four children who are all unique in their own way and deals with topics such as growing up, loneliness and equal opportunities in a sensitive, child-friendly way.

Information for school boards

Why should our school use virtual reality (VR)?

Virtual Reality (VR) is an exciting way to make educational content more engaging. Numerous studies show that learning with all the senses is the most sustainable. In virtual reality, content can be experienced, so understanding happens naturally through your own experience.

How far do students learn better with VR?

VR headsets allow students to immerse themselves in other worlds – in other words, to learn immersively. Students can experience the realities of other people up close, in documentary or artistically designed virtual spaces.

Why should we already integrate VR at our school?

Students are increasingly encountering new technologies in their everyday lives. That’s why it’s important that they also develop media skills in this area and are carefully introduced to meaningful use.

How can we use CABINETS OF WONDER VR at our school?

With the CABINETS OF WONDER case, your school can offer a pedagogically thought-out framework so that the students can try out the use of virtual reality in a safe environment. The VR Experience is embedded in an educational concept and tells the secret inner worlds of four children who were instrumental in the development of their personal Chambers of Wonder. The stories and animations are prepared in a child-friendly and imaginative way. They therefore offer a very good introduction and will also inspire students with technical experience.

For which age / grade level is the CABINETS OF WONDER VR recommended?

We can recommend its use in elementary school from the 3rd grade level. The actual playing time can be divided into approx. 5-minute sections (2 mini-games and 2 narratives), so that the experience can be intensively prepared and followed up.

How can we integrate the content of CABINETS OF WONDER VR into the classroom?

The CABINETS OF WONDER VR can be integrated into the subjects language studies, art, ethics/religion or into interdisciplinary lessons, e.g. in a project week. The different backgrounds of the young protagonists touch on topics such as growing up, bullying, loneliness, equal opportunities, exclusion and integration.

Information for teachers

Why should I use CABINETS OF WONDER VR in the classroom?

By using the CABINETS OF WONDER VR case in class, you can offer your students a very special experience: embedded in an educational concept, MY WUNDERKAMMERN VR provides a fantastic and child-friendly introduction to the competent use of virtual reality (VR).

How can I integrate the CABINETS OF WONDER VR case into my lessons?

Depending on the class size / number of students, the case is equipped with multiple VR headsets so that students can go through the VR individually in small groups. The VR Experience consists of one main room (the main Cabinet of Wonders) and the four rooms of our child heroes – two narrative stories and two mini-games – so it is easily divided into approximately 5-minute blocks. In this way, the new experience can be intensively prepared and followed up. The basis for this is provided by the accompanying pedagogical material, which introduces both the content of the VR Experience and the technology and its development process.

What teaching content can I prepare with the CABINETS OF WONDER VR?

The diverse realities of the young protagonists’ lives touch on topics such as growing up, bullying, loneliness, equal opportunities, exclusion, and integration. A connection with the lessons in German / languages, art, ethics/religion is therefore feasible – or interdisciplinary, e.g. in a project week.