If childhood were a place, where would it be and what would it feel like there?

Four children between the ages of 11 and 14 take us on a journey into their inner world. There is no bullying, no racism and no money.

But plenty to discover: lion tongue fights, experiences of an escape, cat people and blue shiny crawling bugs.

Wisdom, a boy with Cameroonian heritage, Joline, the girl who never wants to grow up, Elias, who lives on his own planet, and Roya, who came to Germany from Iran five years ago, travel to a fantastic place where they can be themselves without any worries.

Although very different, they have one thing in common in their everyday lives in Germany: they don’t quite fit into the framework of our society. They stand out, they cause trouble, and they often don’t feel like they belong. Adult society has various labels for this: migration background, autism or learning disabilities. Our children break these pigeonholes, in the song they wrote it says: “You are not weird or different, you are unique, show that!”

For the film CABINETS OF WONDER they wrote and composed their own music, built props, invented stories and, above all, revealed their dreams and fears. It has become their film – a fantastic world that they want to share with other children.

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